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The annual Global Inspiration Conference is a week-long celebration of the breath. It is held in a different country each year, in a venue with beautiful natural surroundings.  The GIC is a wonderful opportunity to exchange views, teach, learn and receive inspiration from like-minded friends and colleagues.
At the GIC you will find workshops, lectures, social events, sharing of best practice, dancing, good food, good company and lots of fun. It’s a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional growth, as well as making friends and valuable connections.

The GIC programme has a core structure and allows for organic creation of the daily workshops agenda.  Part of the programme is fixed in advance while the rest is left open and is scheduled on a daily basis during the conference week. The open programme includes presentations, workshops, discussion topics and other activities related to the conference theme and proposed by the participants. All of these activities are offered in a spirit of peer-group exchange and inspiration. GIC also hosts the IBF Annual General Meeting, which has evolved a unique democratic process for decision-making. Members have been inspired by this to apply in their own organisations to great positive effect.

The GIC organiser and host country are selected two years in advance during the Annual General Assembly of IBF.

Link to the Website GIC2022 Germany



Each year, a different team of IBF volunteers to create a conference and chooses the theme of the event. Below is a list of all the conferences, organisers and themes since the inception of the event.
  • 1994 Väddö,Sweden – Gunnel Minnet:
  • 1995 Warsaw,Poland – Ewa Foley:
  • 1996 Alghero, Sardinia,Italy – Robin Lawley: ‘
  • 1997 Kirchberg/Pielach,Austria – Wilfried Ehrmann:
  • 1998 Montpellier,France – Judee Gee: ‘Body, Breath and Bliss’
  • 1999 Almeria,Spain – Armando Aguilar: ‘Breathing into Society’
  • 2000 Orta,Italy – Michael de Glanville:
  • 2001 Merrimac, Wisconsin,USA – Jim Morningstar: ‘Uniting in the One Breath’
  • 2002 Margarita,Venezuela – Viola Edward: ‘Breath Dance … Power and Responsibility’
  • 2003 Southern Queensland,Australia – Nemi Nath: ‘Living the Dreaming’
  • 2004 Pühajärve,,Estonia – Liina Lugus: ‘The Roots of the Future’
  • 2005 St Petersburg,Russia – Andrei Zacharevich: ‘Inspiring Power’
  • 2006 Nelson,Canada – JoAnn Lowell: ‘We are the Ones we have been waiting for’
  • 2007 Istanbul,Turkey – Indalecia Ziritt: ‘Dancing with the Breath’
  • 2008 Hay-on-Wye,UK – Natalia Brown: ‘Weaving the Quantum Web’
  • 2009 Oaxtepec,Mexico – Leonardo : ‘Inspiring Love’
  • 2010 Cardona,Spain – Manuel Atienza: ‘Growing Together’
  • 2011 Papallacta,Equator – Indalecia Ziritt: ‘Enlightening our Spirits with Pachamama’
  • 2012 Oostduinkerke,Belgium – Luc Maertens: ‘Spring of Newmanity’
  • 2013 Bimthal,India – Mark Conrad: ‘Breathing the spirit of the Himalayas’
  • 2014 Delphi Valley,Ireland – Michael Blake : ‘My heart to your heart’
  • 2015 Tenerife (Spain) – Silke Modersohn: ”
  • 2016 South Africa, Port Elisabeth – Marie Rose Windels: ‘Breathe South Africa in Abundance ‘
  • 2017 Austria, Vienna – Wilfried Ehrmann: ‘The Music of Breath’
  • 2018 France – Joel Jégo : ‘Respirez la Joie’
  • 2019 USA – Joshua Tree California – Lauren Chelec Cafritz & James Beard: “Sacred Breath”
  • 2020 online GIC – due to Corona
  • 2021 online GIC – due to Corona


  • 2022 Landshut, Germany – Heinz Gerd Lange: “Breath Unites”
  • 2023 Kenya
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