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Daniel Mburu Muhuni aka Mbutch Mjingoma

I’m a Percussionist, Performer, Instructor, Instrument Maker and Breathwork Coach. I am also an autodidactic
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Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann

Border issues in breathwork and the role of shame

Border issues are crucial for the individual development of every person. The driving forces of our growth are autonomy and bonding.
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Lauren Chelec Cafritz

Come experience a breath session like no other.

The Baskakov Method is a powerful guided, group-supported healing experience. This method is centered on the concept that the ability to ‘let go’ is what makes the difference between a gentle, peaceful and even beautiful death or life transition, and one filled with pain and suffering. .
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Breathwork, Art & Creativity

Robin Lawley, Leader of the IBF Breathing Arts rgoup

The purpose of the IBF Breathing Arts group is “To bring peace, healing, transformation, joy and inspiration to the world through conscious breathing and creative expression.” In this workshop,we will explore the power of breathing, art and creativity to inspire connection, create community and unlock our creative potential.


Breathing works (also at work)

Interactive forum for breathwork practitioners who work with organisations, including at their client’s workplace (and those who would like to!) See more

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Find Your Voice

IA fun, innovative approach to developing vocal skills for better communication and self-confidence in your daily and professional life.
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Sisonke Papu, a.k.a. KHNYSA

Sisonke Papu, a.k.a. KHNYSA, is iGqiRha/ traditional healer, storyteller and multi- disciplinary artist from Mthatha, South African. KHNYSA’s work seeks to mediate modes
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Ayo Handy-Kendi is ”The Breath Sekou”, a master teacher of 50+ years of breath study and training as a Certified Breathologist, Transformational Facilitator, Laughter Yoga Teacher and Leader, Reiki Master 3, Ra Sekhi 2, Qi Cong II and Diversity Trainer
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Gabriella Ishara,

This is a workshop on FREEDOM that allows for deep connection and healing with the parts of ourselves that we perceive as separate, dissolving and releasing energies and emotional traumas. We will use real jute ropes to tie and untie the body, conscious connected breathing, our senses and movement.
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Carolyne Gaithuma,

Carolyne Gaithuma is an experienced Transformation Coach and Communications Trainer who specializes in helping individuals unlock their full potential and create positive change in their lives. With a passion for personal growth and self-transformation, Carolyne has dedicated her career to empowering others to cultivate self-awareness and make lasting improvements in their thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors.
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JoAnn Lowell

Traditional Midwife, Author of ‘Soul Birth’, Co-Creator of Conscious
Breathing in the Classroom, Certified Breathwork Practitioner specialized
in birth imprints
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