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On April 11th 2024, the World Breathing Day will focus on an aspect of human living with this year’s theme: “Time for Healing”.

It has become vital to our health and well-being, as conscious creators of our own lives, to know what tools we have in our bodies to assist in the process of healing. To make the choice to take the time and to take the time to make great choices around healing.

This led the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) to choose to spotlight this year’s World Breathing Day (WBD) theme as a timely reminder to us all that it is time for healing and to make time to do so. It may save our lives or at least enhance them to do exactly that.

The world is in a state of transformation and growth on so many levels at the same time and to meet the needs of such transformation throughout humanity, we need powerful tools that bring about ease and harmony in times of upheaval and seeming uncertainty. So many people all over the world are seeking a path to peace and we are glad to announce that the World Breathing Day offers a very specific and available one.

On April 11th, take part in a global celebration of the practice of conscious breathing and the power of breathing together. Take this moment as you receive this news to ponder that conscious breathing is a very local medicine and unifying power that is available to everyone no matter what their race, religion, social status or how many followers they have on social media.

The International Breathwork Foundation and its global community of breathworkers and beacons of light in the peace and wellness communities all over the globe would like to remind humans of all ages once per year, on World Breathing Day, of the powerful medicine that is conscious breathing and the power of us breathing together to unite