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World Breathing Day

Resources and Promotional Materials   

Please read the guidelines for hosting WBD events and for use of promotional materials (see below)

Note that most documents are in PDF.  If you need another format, please contact us.


CHECK our   VIDEO – “Why WBD2022 – Inspiring Solution”: 


Guidelines for the use of those resources: 

  • Please mention “World Breathing Day – April 11 2022″ in all your communications
  • You can include your logo and other practical information on the WBD images without altering the content.
  • If you plan an activity for World Breathing Day at another time than April, 11 please mention “World Breathing Day – April 11”
  • All texts describing World Breathing Day have been worked on thoroughly by the WBD team of IBF.  So please respect it.
  • One text is the general description of what is WBD and the other text is the explanation of the theme of the year.  Both texts have been translated in more than 15 languages for you to use.
  • You are free to translate the press release, the invitation letters, etc in your own language.


IBF International Breathwork Foundation