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Certified Breathwork Practitioner, approved by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA)

John Stamoulos

Phone: +61882349765
Mobile: +61412168411


John Stamoulos is an author, speaker, and master Breathwork trainer and facilitator. He has travelled internationally for over 25 years delivering the transformational message of Breathwork to audiences around the globe. Through his national and international workshops and trainings, John has guided tens of thousands of people to discover and connect with the transformational healing power of their own breath. Based in Adelaide, Australia, John is recognized as one of that country’s leading practitioners of Breathwork and is also a well-known Remedial (Massage) Therapist. His book, Breathing Into A New Life, How Your Breath Heals, tells the story of his own transformational healing journey with Breathwork and provides a deeper understanding of the power of the Breathwork process in creating lasting change in life. John is a tireless promoter of conscious change. He fully embraces the many techniques he acquired on his own journey to wellness and shares them with his clients and students in order to assist them in their own quest for transformation. With the wisdom and passion of a healer, John is committed to guiding others in using their breath to release embedded life patterns that no longer serve so they can learn how to live abundantly and reach their full potential in life. For John, life is all about learning to live from the essence of love and Breathwork is the key to awakening it in every human being.

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