IBF workgroups and projects are created during the community forum at the annual general meeting, composed of volunteers who wish to be of service in a particular field.

These initiatives aim to bring the benefits of breathwork into Schools, Trauma, Mental Health and Public Awareness in a sustainable way.

Global Inspiration Conference

For over 25 years the IBF has organised an annual week long Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) every year in a different country. The conference features daily keynote speakers and a diverse range of workshops facilitated by professionals in the field of conscious breathing.

The GIC is the home of the IBF Annual General Meeting, where the IBF initiatives are inspired and created.

IBF United Nations Workgroup

IBF was granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 2016.

The IBF supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through a range of projects and initiatives aligned with our mission of promoting conscious breathing and breathwork. The role of this Workgroup is to gather information about the impact of breathwork (including the IBF initiatives) on health and well-being worldwide.

This group founded projects including:

Coherent Breathing for Trauma Recovery:

A practical program training the staff and volunteers of large organisations to share coherent breathing to overcome trauma, with refugees and those affected by natural disasters.

Science and Research Workgroup

A team of experts who collate existing publications and curate IBF-led research on conscious breathing as a tool for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Conscious Breathing in the Classroom

A comprehensive training manual of breathing exercises for children of all ages.

Training teachers, parents and children of all ages to use conscious breathing exercises in the classroom for improved health, wellbeing and emotional awareness.

Breathwork Development Fund

Financial support for projects helping disadvantaged communities; e.g. organisations providing breathwork for HIV positive women and children living in slums.

World Breathing Day: April 11th

An annual global event that invites everyone to remember, experience and celebrate the healing and unifying power of breath. This initiative raises awareness to the value of conscious breathing and the importance of clean air and reducing our carbon footprint. Since 2006 the IBF encourages locally sponsored events in over 30 countries on that day.

Breathing Circles

More than 100 breathing circles worldwide meet monthly in order to promote and practice conscious breathing as a wellness modality.

Meet 2 Breathe

An initiative to connect people through the breath from their own home. Meet 2 Breathe runs online events for IBF members on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

Compiled by The IBF UN Workgroup

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