Indalecia Rohita Ziritt

Indalecia Rohita
Phone: +39 02 58317971
Mobile: +39 338 4622263
Member bio: Transformational Breath Foundation's National Leader for Italy, Ireland, and Spain, and also Senior Trainer. Director and Co-Founder of Transformational Breath Italia, a TBF affiliate. For many years following continuous studies and experiences, I consciously found the understanding of the human being potential throughout my inner personal growing, spiritual path and self expression with different modalities: Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu & Tuina (Practitioner & Member for the Federazione Italiana di Shiatsu), Conscious Breathing, Spiritual Purification, Osho Dynamic and Static Meditations, Osho Pulsation (Reich's emotional armours and segments/Radix Charles Kelly's) Path of Love, Sound & Voice Healing, Shamanism, Akashic Records and others. Besides, together with Susanna Swapana Hinnawi founded Lotus Birth® Italia – a networking organisation for the expansion of conscious birth. And the journey continues. My mission is to serve others supporting their personal growth healing and transformative journey throughout Transformational Breath® and my unique skills by leading and facilitating individual and group sessions, and professional trainings in Italy, Ireland, France, Spain, Belgium and wherever in a space of unconditional love. I was the organiser for the IBF - Global Inspiration Conference GIC 2007 in Turkey and GIC 2011 in Ecuador. languages: English, Italian, Spanish
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