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Viola Edward
Certified Breathwork Practitioner, approved by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA)

Viola Edward

Phone: +905338673685
Mobile: +35799675094

Viola Edward, is a Personal & Profesional Advisor, Global Expert in Corporate Wellness & Mental Health Fitness, Breathwork Mentoring Trainer, Social Entrepreneur, Transcultural Psychotherapist, Humanitarian,  Business Consultant B. and Ambassador for Human Rights. Executive Board member of GPBA- Global Professional Breathwork'u Alliance & Elected President Red Global de Mentores - RGM

She works internationally with individual and corporate clients in cross pollination self improvement, Breathwork, management and leadership.

Viola is Conscious Breathing- Breathwork Lead Trainer, collaborator & supervisor for other schools trainings since 1993. Stress Mastery Expert, founder of “Feminine Capital Forum” now merged with Creative Women Platform as a partner and Executive Director. co-owner of  GRIT Academy & GRIT Breathwork (former Kayana Breathwork). Co-creator of BQ - Breath Intelligence, GRİT method & Management by Emotion. Author of two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” 1999 and “Who Makes the Bed?” 2017, Co-Author of 11 more.

Viola sits on the boards of several Magazines & NGOs and serves as ambassador for Human Rights and Gender Equity. Languages: English & Spanish (and basic Arabic too)

The multi-awarded including a Doctorate Honoris Causa and outstanding Contribution to Mentoring, started her working life at the age of 13 when emigrated from Lebanon to Venezuela. Her passion for development and studies continued through home schooling then evening lessons and alternative ways. For 21 years, she worked in small, medium and large businesses, mainly in insurance sector. In 1993, she commenced her new career path following her dream and love for human psyche, combining her knowledge of psychotherapy, meditation and breathwork and her years of working experience, she founded her first company. She emigrated again at 43 for love and lives in Cyprus.


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