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Alicia Velázquez Berumen

Certified Breathwork Practitioner, approved by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA)
Mobile: +521554042666
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Alicia guides you to find your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing using a combination of wonderful therapeutic modalities such as Brennan Healing Science® , Transformational Breath®, Family Constellations and Channeled Meditations. She mainly works online in private and group sessions worldwide. 

Alicia has dedicated her life to the study and practice of different therapeutic modalities to promote the expansion of human consciousness and wellbeing. 

She has a Bachelor Degree in Human Communication Therapy, Masters Degree in Psycho Pedagogy,  Diploma in Neuropsychology. She is coauthor of the book “GODIAM, The essence and presence of being.” 

In 2011 she joined the International Breathwork Foundation in the annual event Global Inspiration Conference. She has participated giving workshops in Ecuador, Belgium, Ireland, India, Canary Islands, France and USA. In 2014 she became the IBF National Representative for Mexico and in October 2017 she created the project Meet 2 Breathe Online.



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