Adela Barcia

Adela Barcia
Mobile: 805 451-8267
Member bio:

Adela Barcia has been a practicing  psychotherapist for over forty years. She describes her orientation as “spiritual pragmatism” -- integrating psyche and spirit in order to live and love freely. Her focus is on creating engaging frameworks for personal and social transformation.

Specialties include: Breathwork, birth and pre and perinatal health and psychology, parenting resiliant healthy children, health psychology, death and dying, and the dynamics of intimate relationships. 

A committed peace activist,  in the interior worlds of  her clients and on a global level, Adela is dedicated to helping create an actual  paradigm shift which has the universal right to thrive as its cornerstone principle.  She  conducts workshops, participates  in international dialogues,  and speaks publicly on a variety of related topics. 


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