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Tsvetelina Mitseva

Tsvetelina Mitseva
Mobile: 8507084471
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Chechi is a Level 3 Therapeutic Breathwork practitioner, Reiki Healer, and certified 200RYT Yoga Teacher. Her growth path grant her the opportunity to learn from various healers, authentic shamanic teachers, scholars, and health practitioners what led her to find her calling to support and guide people on their healing journey. From all of the practices and teachings, she acquired along the way Breathwork was the one that allowed her to experience a deep profound transformation that completely changed the course of her life. Since then she made it her mission to empower people to use breath as a guide for their healing as they search for their revelation. With the practice of breathwork, she takes people on an inner journey orchestrated by their breath moving beyond body and mind, where they can tap into deep-rooted blockages, physical and mental pain, and experience a deep somatic and emotional release. After breathwork people share experiencing spiritual awakening, finding their true purpose, and healing mind, body, and soul.

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