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Stephen Ryan

Stephen Ryan

Mobile: 210 595 0339

As an Integrative Wellness Facilitator and Personal Growth Coach, I offer a comprehensive approach to support individuals in their journey of personal growth, spiritual development and mental fitness. Through a combination of practices such as meditation, breathwork, and healing techniques, I empower clients to train their mind, body, and spirit, helping them lead healthy, successful, and purposeful lives. I am a Certified Life Awareness™ Pranayama Breathwork Instructor, and an Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Instructor, based on the Buteyko Method. With a diverse background in disciplines such Shamanic Breathwork, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Positive Psychology, I provide tailored one-on-one sessions to address each client's unique challenges and goals. By utilizing various breathwork and meditation techniques such as Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana meditation, and sound awareness meditation, I guide individuals towards inner balance, increased self-awareness, and emotional well-being. I am a Mesa Carrier (a Q'ero Indian tradition) Graduate, from the Austin Shamanic Center, Austin, Texas. The Psychology of Success, Management and Leadership Development Program, Willie Horton, CPD/CEC accredited. Vipassana Meditation, Breath & Sensory Awareness Practitioner since 2003. Transcendental Meditation, Practitioner since 2001. If you believe I may be of assistance on your journey feel free to reach out. Thank you and I wish you well.  

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